Interlock Technologies specializes in manufacturing doors with a variety of smart electro-mechanical opening and locking mechanisms. 

What makes our collection truly outstanding is the integration of inbuilt smart lock as a standard, a unique offering exclusive to InterLock Technologies in the Israeli market. We also provide door top lock, which enable automatic locking and closing. 

As part of our unique expertise in all things doors and locks, we also produce locking mechanisms for glass doors, including automatic locking installable on either a glass or brick/concrete wall, which is also suitable for double wing glass doors. InterLock manufactures automatic door closers and openers for doors weighing up to 200kg per wing.  

Stemming from the need to manage and safeguard their guests in all circumstances, hotels require especially advanced solutions for tracking, managing and protecting the movements of guests in their domains. InterLock offers a complete set of solutions, leading the market in safety, usability and sophistication: fire, panic and escape doors alongside control systems for entry into specific areas, based on authorization levels, ideal for managing personnel. For hotel rooms we offer doors and smart card-operated locking mechanisms, a room management system and card readers and writers for keeping track of guests’ comings and goings in different parts of the hotel. Our smart card solutions also allow hotels to prepare and record guests’ stays based on reservations, to synchronize the use of room safes with guests’ stays, to use a single card for room and safe, to control the room’s use of electricity and much more.  

InterLock supports architects with a variety of means and products: from guidance available from the very first steps of designing building openings through installation to post-installation service. A specialized architecture/designer department provides professional-grade help and guidance for all types of projects: from a single villa to a skyscraping office building.  

Our extensive line of products is available in an exceptionally wide array of sizes. InterLock Creative Engineering department is always at your service in finding the best and most reliable solutions for any design challenge.