In an effort to address the special needs arising from Israel’s unique security situation, InterLock Technologies engineers, designers and security specialists have managed to put together an extraordinary set of means to protect and secure buildings and perimeters.
Our unique solutions and smart locks have been installed and applies to a wide array of companies and institutes in Israel and abroad, achieving extremely high levels of security for personnel, guests and clients.
With inbuilt Israeli High-tech and security knowhow, our products combine smarts, strength, and elegant aesthetics especially suitable for institute-wide security solutions.
Our latest solution, a smart door, brings together latest security and control measures, with numerous options for smart opening, including fingerprint, keypad, proximity card, smart card, chip and tag – all independent from a power source. For increased security, a combination of two factors can be enacted. Additionally, this unique technology can be applied to fire and escape doors, bullet-proof and diplomatic-grade doors, establishing a new level of security for all environments.

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